Transform your floor with decorative concrete.

Looking for that finishing touch to bring your floor to life? Perfection Plus provides high-quality polished concrete services for businesses and residences in the triad and beyond. Our decorative concrete will convert your floor from a generic surface into an eye-catching work of beautiful art. Not only does our polished concrete offer aesthetic value, the surface itself will be easier to maintain, saving you future hassles, time and money!

Legacy of excellence

We have been serving the triad for for almost 30 years with a proud history of satisfied customers. Few businesses are capable of providing you with the level of care and quality our professional team dedicates to each job. We start by listening to your ideas, then develop a detailed plan and deliver the results in a timely manner.

Adding a touch of liveliness

If you want to make a statement on your floor a new design or logo, we offer concrete staining for old and new concrete floors, adding a high gloss finish that is LEED certified and environmentally friendly. To add a finishing touch to your polished concrete you have the option of choosing penetrating dyes and concrete stenciling. Feel free to contact us regarding our extensive services by filling out the convenient form on our contact page or by calling us at (336) 564-6676.

Why concrete polishing?

Concrete polishing is less expensive from the start than other stamped concrete or coating systems. However, the savings don’t end there; it’s where they begin! Concrete coatings can potentially fail due to delaminating, cracking, fading, staining, yellowing and wear. The true value of a polished concrete is measured by its durability, beauty and long term cost savings in upkeep. Polished concrete gives you permanent long lasting results that require no costly maintenance because there are no coatings; it is virtually maintenance free. Polished concrete has the lowest cleaning per-foot cost of any flooring. Just dust mop, vacuum or sweep loose debris and then wet mop or use an auto scrubber with an acid free cleaner.

If you are curious about concrete polishing, please call us or fill out the brief form on our contact page for a prompt reply. Of course, we are always glad to have visitors at our office in Kernersville. Stop by today!