Krankies Coffee: A Concrete Path to Revitalization

Krankies Coffee is known as a staple to the Winston-Salem experience. The welcoming atmosphere at Krankies is complemented by their freshly roasted gourmet coffees and diverse selection of delectables, prominently displayed on their Instagram page. Recently, Krankies underwent a comprehensive facelift and Perfection Plus was honored to play a part in the process.

Percolating with Progress

In February, Krankies closed its doors in preparation for the wholescale transformation that was about to ensue. In addition to polishing the floors throughout the roasting, packaging, cupping, and bathroom areas, Perfection Plus was hired to pour and polish a concrete countertop. Tyler and Travis Reeder, owners of Perfection Plus, explained to Krankies partners Mitchell Britt and John Bryan the inherent challenges of the job that lied ahead, but both parties were eager to tackle the endeavor.

via Downtown Winston-Salem

via Downtown Winston-Salem

Pouring four-thousand pounds of rapid set concrete is no small feat. There are many incorporated complications revolved around such a task, none bigger than the concrete’s extreme temperatures while curing. Cracking and shrinkage are distinct possibilities as water evaporates. However, the experienced concrete team of Perfection Plus handled the task without issue.

Krankies reopened its doors on October 10th and the results were spectacular.

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Reflecting Visions

The shared perspective of a “perfect finish” is fostered when like-minded businesses partner on a project. Like Krankies, Perfection Plus is focused on providing unbeatable service while integrating greener options at any possible turn. We were incredibly honored to have earned Krankies’ business and trust with this project because their business philosophy is very deliberate:

“We strive for honesty, transparency, sustainability, and excellence in our purchasing and work to build long term relationships with like-minded growing, exporting, and importing partners.”

“Clean & Green Since 1985” is more than a slogan, it’s the lens that our business operates through. Perfection Plus has been building the foundations of sustainable business for over thirty years. We were honored to play a part in the renovations at Krankies Coffee and we look forward to the next opportunity to showcase our talents in the local, Triad area.

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