The Recovery Tank Gamble - To Float or Not to Float

Perfection Plus' repair shop sees a lot of machines come in with any number of complaints and problems. Our technicians are seeing patterns of behavior that could be costing you hundreds of dollars in unexpected repairs. Some of the most commonly seen problems are also the most easily avoidable. 

We see floor scrubbers of all shapes and sizes come in ALL THE TIME with complaints that there's not water suction for reclamation. There's a really nifty little part of the scrubber called the FLOAT SCREEN and if that is filled with debris, your machine is going to have a hard time creating suction to reclaim water. The fix is as simple as taking out the trash - you just take out the trash! Be sure to leave behind the little ping pong looking ball though. That's the float screen shut off and it's an integral part of your machine's anatomy to keep everything functioning as it should.

On that note!

We see a lot of machines come in with burned out vac motors - another reason your machine may not have any suction - because excess water spilled from the recovery tank into the motor. Once again, the float screen is the culprit. That ping pong ball mentioned earlier is - shockingly NOT for ping pong - used to float on top of the water as it rises in the recovery tank. When the water reaches a certain level, the ball will hit a switch and turn the vac motor off. The purpose of this is to keep your recovery tank from overflowing into your vac motor. Machine operators like to take the ball though. The tank won't be ENTIRELY full when the ball reaches high enough to flip the switch. Removing the ball is a last ditch effort to get as much work done before having to empty the tank again. The thought behind it sounds like efficiency but without a signal to tell you when the tank is dangerously close to being overfilled, it's a big gamble that will eventually have you on the losing side. 

You can 1) gamble and maybe empty a time or two less OR 2) empty the tank when it was designed to be emptied and not worry about your vac motor needing to be replaced prematurely. It's your floor scrubber, we can't tell you what to do. Floor scrubbers ain't cheap but we'll be here for you with a new vac motor when you lose at floor scrubber roulette :P