Zen and the Art of Preventative Maintenance - An Argument for Spending a Little More to Save a lot

There are few things more discouraging than surprise costs. They can derail schedules, budgets and attitudes. Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by a repair bill for ANYTHING. We're always working towards a more happy future, so let's start with a common sense approach to your floor machine to keep those expensive repair bills at bay.

Preventative maintenance makes a lot of people scoff. It's admittedly an extra bill to pay. But it's an expected bill and it is typically significantly less costly than a machine failure that needs immediate attention. It also drastically increases the life of your very expensive machine. Signing up for a preventative maintenance program is highly advised but there are still things that should be done regularly to keep your floor machines running properly and efficiently. 


Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubbers have a lot of moving parts that are hard to keep up with but there are a few key components that you should keep an eye on before and after each use. 
1.) The Recovery Tank and Solution Tank - Be sure to flush these bad boys out. Old, skanky, standing water isn't going to help you get your floors clean! You also want to make sure there's no debris in there that could clog things up in the future. 
2.) Float Switch Shut Off - We've talked about this in a previous entry, but this is really important and very easy to maintain. Make sure the ball is there and clean out any debris that may have accumulated
3.) Squeegees - Squeegees will collect trash and hair around them after use. Letting it build up will make them ineffective but a quick cleaning will solve that problem. Also check for any rips or tears, this will cause streaking. You can flip a squeegee over and get twice the life out of it rather than having it replaced entirely. 
4.) Batteries - The batteries are maybe the most finicky part of the scrubber system. You need to make sure they are optimally hydrated. Too dry or over saturated and you will damaged them and have to prematurely replace them (*hint* floor scrubber batteries are NOT cheap). Make sure you're maintaining your machines batteries hydration preferences. 


High Speed Burnishers

High speed burnishers are relatively low maintenance machines (in regards to day to day procedures) that should be wiped down before and after use. Check to make sure your pad is clean. Keep an eye on the bonnet (the fun foam bit on top of the motor) - that acts as a filter and if it starts looking dirty, it needs to be replaced. 

Electric Floor Buffers

An electric floor buffer is also a low maintenance machine that should be wiped down before and after use. You'll want to check the power cord for any fraying or loose wires. Electrocution is to be avoided at all costs - I don't feel like I need to say that BUT JUST IN CASE. Cords should be pulled from the wall gently and from the plug head, not by the cord. It's inevitable that the cord will be buffed over - make sure no severe damage is caused when this happens.

Carpet Extractors / Wet Vacs

Like the scrubber you want to make sure that the tanks for your carpet extractor or wet shop vac are flushed and emptied after every use. Skanky water is gross! Cleaning surfaces is easier when your tools are clean.