For Intended Use Only - Scrubber vs High Speed Burnisher

Let's get real for a second. It's 2018 and we're all pretty accustomed to pinching a penny here and there. Being in the laborious working class is no easy feat and it feels like we're spending more than we're making a lot of the time. We here at Perfection Plus understand that shortcuts and savings can really ease the financial weight off ones shoulders. But we're seeing a trend that has the illusion of savings but is ultimately costing our peers A LOT of unexpected time and money. 

So what's doing the damage to our wallets and floors? Floor Scrubbers! But not what you may think. Scrubbers being used as scrubbers is absolutely encouraged. Scrubbers are the most efficient way to clean a floor, especially a large floor. Duuuuuh, it's what they were designed for! Floor scrubbers, however, are NOT well suited for buffing floors. And this seems to be a growing trend. Let's put this myth that scrubbers are sufficient substitutes for high speed burnishers to rest RIGHT NOW. 

Time and Power
Alright so scrubbers may have more surface area than a high speed burnisher, but they're not high speed! Their low RPMs makes buffing a floor, a time suck. The longer that it takes to do a task, the more money that task is wasting. 

Let's consider the power required to keep that scrubber going. Before any buffing takes place, you've got to scrub the floor first. That makes sense but that requires battery power. The batteries are designed to carry a charge for about the amount of time it would take to scrub the entirety of your floor. But now it's time to buff and your scrubber needs to recharge! On top of that, because it takes so much longer to buff a floor at low speed, you're likely to need to recharge a time or two in the middle of your buffing attempt. That's precious time not being used efficiently and is going to drive up costs.

In contrast - High speed burnishers are propane driven. As long as you have propane, your machine is moving. If your tank runs out, you quickly switch it out and keep going. There's no downtime waiting for anything to charge. And high speed burnishers are so much faster. They're designed specifically to produce high gloss finishes and they are effective at it. 

As you can imagine, if you're using your floor scrubber machine twice as much, you're going to need to expect twice as much maintenance required on it. The life of your motors and batteries, both of which are a pretty penny, are cut in half. Obviously a high speed burnisher is going to require maintenance too, things fall apart, that's the nature of the beast, but we're focused on frequency. If your machine is out of commission twice as often, your whole work flow slows down just as often. 

We've touched on this some but let's get to the meat and potatoes of it all. The reason to buff and burnish is to get the high gloss shine. We want our floors to sparkle and dazzle. Scrubbers just do not have the RPMs required to get close to the popping finish we're all hypnotized by. Even a fresh 5-6 coats of wax will still need a good burnish to get that wet look. No-buff/low-buff waxes are a nice ploy for corner cutters to spend too much of their money on a product that isn't going to come close to the results expected. 

You wouldn't use a screw driver to hammer a nail. The investment may seem like a lot at first, and there's no denying that high speed burnishers can run expensive, but the end result means less effort, less labor, less product, beautiful floors and more money for you. Use the tools that get the job done WELL. Buy or rent a burnisher to keep more money in your pocket. 

Good luck out there, guys. Perfection Plus believes in you!

Travis Reeder