Scrubber - Pioneer Eclipse PowerStar Z1

Scrubber - Pioneer Eclipse PowerStar Z1

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About This Machine

Powered by propane, the PE PowerStar Z1 machine offers extended run time, without the need of re-charging batteries. The large capacity tank of the machine allows for less frequent filling and dumping, allowing for maximized efficiency. The machine is highly versatile by offering features such as an adjustable brush/pad pressure for optimal flexibility, as well as regenerative blower technology for increased water pick-up during use.


Machine Specs

• Pump: Dual hydraulic pump
• Cleaning width: 33”
• Scrub pressure: 120-250 lb
• Engine speed: 3500 RPM
• Brush motor: 200 rpm
• L x W x H: 66” x 26” x 46.5”
• Productivity: 33,000 sq. ft / hr
• Weight w/cylinder: 860 lb